Most children of the 80s were conceived in the back seat of a car. Not Jeff Denomme: he was conceived in the driver’s seat. The steering wheel and turning-signal stalks were merely obstacles to overcome.

Overlooking the Detroit skyline during a smoggy sunrise in the spring of ’82, the big race was won. Even as a fetus, Denomme knew that he had to be at the wheel and in control of his own destiny.

After he realized he wasn’t cut out to work in an auto factory, Denomme began organizing, promoting and running art events and concerts in and around his hometown of Windsor, Ontario.

During his teens he started Fathom Clothing, which enabled him to travel and network with some of the biggest bands to come out of the modern punk rock scene. His art has been sold on Vans Warped Tour and seen on the chests of Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, Silverstein and Billy Talent, to name a few. Matchbook Romance also rocked a Fathom shirts in their video “Promise” which was incredibly popular on MTV.

After much success with Fathom, Denomme knew it was time for his next idea to manifest. Seemingly everyone and their mothers were starting clothing companies that all looked the same, so Denomme decided to start Haunted Zoo, a new brand and style of art that would stick out in the sea of clones.

Throughout his life, he has always questioned what we are being spoon-fed by mainstream media, and has come to the realization that it is up to each and every one of us to create our own way. To create our own style. To create our own cool.

His art and clothing reflect this independence while drawing on the rebellious spirit of what society has coined, “lowbrow/pop art” and combining elements that inspired him as a teen: skate art of the 90s, poster art, and bold graphics with a clean design aesthetic.

In January of 2007, Denomme moved to Vancouver, where fans and galleries were instantly drawn to his new, unique style.

Shortly after arriving, many great opportunities were offered to him, even though he was virtually unknown on the West Coast. Denomme was determined to earn respect by choosing the unconventional path, while using his art and positive attitude to inspire others to do the same.

Denomme stylistically balances cute with scary in a way that you haven’t seen before. Start your journey today and see for yourself Denomme’s unmistakable style and stories. ~ Nick Poisson (friend since grade 2)