What is The Haunted Zoo?

To be haunted by something is to be preoccupied, as with an idea, emotion or memory; to be disturbed, distressed and worried. 

Today, all animals are haunted – by human existence. If it were not for humans, all living things on Earth would flourish. Instead, we are in the midst of a mass extinction, and not one caused by a giant asteroid. We are destroying habitats, pouring garbage into our oceans, changing the climate, factory farming and so much more. To be an animal on planet Earth, at the total mercy of humankind, is not a position to be envied.

The Haunted Zoo exists to shine a light on how humans can do and be better. How we can be more considerate to one another and all living things. How we can make smarter decisions to leave the world a healthier place for generations to come. 

The characters of The Haunted Zoo are cheery, playful and full of hope for the future, but you can see the haunting in their eyes.


Meet the Artist:

Windsor, Ontario based artist, Jeff Denomme, is the visionary behind The Haunted Zoo, an art brand described as Hello Kitty meets Tim Burton. Jeff’s art is loved by children and adults alike. His work includes digital illustrations, paintings, large-scale murals and more.

At 19, Jeff created his first brand, Fathom Clothing, which led him to travel across North America on the Vans Warped Tour and sponsor bands such as Silverstein, Taking Back Sunday and Matchbook Romance. Fathom Clothing was worn in music videos featured on MTV and had orders worldwide.

In his 20s, while living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Jeff took what he learned from operating Fathom and morphed it into The Haunted Zoo, a more visually cohesive and recognizable street art brand. During the near decade he spent living on the west coast, Jeff was active in the arts community by curating and exhibiting in countless events. Jeff gained recognition in the city when he brought home silver in the Telus Artist Challenge and subsequently became a featured artist at the Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival, which included live painting and collaborations with brands such as Volcom, Toms and Land Yachts.

From approximately 2013-2023, Jeff’s life took several turns – he relocated back to Ontario, launched two hot sauce companies, ran his own branding and design studio, got married and had kids. During this time, his art took a backseat. His love and passion for The Haunted Zoo never waivered, but there just wasn’t capacity to produce art on a regular basis.

Several years into fatherhood, Jeff started to seriously take notice of the content his son was consuming in books and on TV, the toys he was playing with and the clothes he was wearing. He also noticed how drawn his son was to The Haunted Zoo and it led Jeff to an epiphany: that what started as an edgy street art brand for people in the punk rock and skateboard scene, could actually evolve into a family friendly brand with children as the primary audience. And the flame for The Haunted Zoo was reignited.

Since the fall of 2023, Jeff has dove head first back into The Haunted Zoo. He’s participated in four North American mural festivals, exhibited in art shows between Detroit and Nashville, started writing, illustrating and producing his first children’s book, expanded his merchandise offerings and collaborated with numerous brands on various creative projects featuring custom The Haunted Zoo characters. His dreams for the future of The Haunted Zoo have expanded beyond what he could have possibly imagined 20 years ago. 

They say that speaking your dreams into the universe can be the first step to achieving them. Jeff dreams of: publishing not just one, but a series of books, of producing an animated television series, of having branded apparel sold in the biggest global retailers, of partnering with environmental and conservation groups to educate children on how we can take better care of the planet and all living things. He dreams of developing his own educational program to connect with youth and inspire them through street art. He dreams of creating impact through art by helping to make the world a more kind, inclusive and considerate place to be.